PTFE products

Isostatically pressed structural parts

PTFE pump linings

Isostatic molding allows parts with complicated geometric forms to be manufactured; forms that simply cannot be produced using conventional hydraulic molding processes. This opens up whole new areas of application for PTFE fluoroplastic material with its outstanding thermal, chemical, mechanical, and dielectric properties, leading to interesting solutions to problems in the areas of, for example:

  • The chemical industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • The fittings and pump industry
  • Power engineering
  • Laboratory technology

Typical examples of PTFE parts that can be manufactured using this method include:

  • Linings for pumps and valves
  • Hollow bodies such as bottles round-bottomed flasks, floats, etc.
  • T-pieces and elbows for systems carrying aggressive media
  • Thin-walled tubes and tubes with large diameter changes
  • Round and rectangular containers, sheaths for heating pipes and heating tubes
  • for etching processes in the chemical, electroplating, and semiconductor industry