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Optical PTFE

New fields of application for porous PTFE – optics and lighting engineering


Optical PTFE by Berghof is employed from optical measurement engineering, where particularly diffusely reflecting so-called Lambertian surfaces are required, right through to conventional lighting technology in which considerable light efficiency and natural colour rendition are critical. Regardless of the application, as a material with the greatest diffuse reflectance PTFE maximises the efficiency of light sources by spreading the light evenly.


Berghof optical PTFE consists of pure polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE). As a result of its incomparable whiteness and purity Berghof optical PTFE achieves virtually ideal Lambertian reflectance properties with a reflection coefficient of up to 98 % in the broad wavelength range of 250 to 2,500 nm.

Here the special manufacturing process, the isostatic compression of the raw material, ensures an absolutely diffuse reflection over the whole surface of the component. In addition, the outstanding properties of the PTFE such as its high thermal stability of -200°C to +260°C and its UV resistance protect the components against discolouration and embrittlement. This guarantees permanent dimensional stability and functionality throughout its long lifespan.

Optics and lighting engineering — applications
  • Diffusely reflecting material
  • Reflectance and fluorescent standards in gradations
  • Lambertian reflectors and diffusers
  • Laser cavities
  • Ulbricht spheres
  • UV drying chambers
  • UV air and water sterilisers
  • Background lighting for displays
  • Reflectors and mixing chambers for LED and OLED
  • Photobioreactors