PTFE products

Pressure compensation units

Reliable protection against pressure fluctuation and water intrusion

In the interior of hermetic housings and in headlamps or batteries changes intemperature or differences in height cause substantial variations in the internal pressure.

Permeaflon pressure compensation units (PCU) from Berghof compensate for differences in pressure and prevent penetration by water, dust, grime and even oils. The PCU therefore guarantee the reliable functioning of components over their long life cycle.


Permeaflon® pressure compensation units consist of pure, porous PTFE and are therefore resistant to all media. Berghof porous PTFE is sintered at over 300°C, providing the Permeaflon® pressure compensation units with maximum thermal and dimensional stability.This makes it possible to realise even the most demanding applications (such as those involving direct contact with the engine for instance) without difficulty. In addition, the film membranes require no backing material, thus eliminating the risk of functional failure by delamination.

Flexible in design

Thanks to its stable shape Permeaflon pressure compensation units can be supplied as backing-free film membranes in the form of reel packaging and also asprecisely fitted stamped and turned parts in accordance with customers' specifications.

Automotive applications

The high-performance plastic PTFE is the raw material for the Permeaflon® pressure compensation units from Berghof. Its superb properties make Berghof PCU an optimal functional part in demanding automotive construction. The fact that they are chemically resistant to virtually all media as well as being resistant to water and even to oils means that there is really no alternative for this application.