Research for progress

About Berghof Fluoroplastics

Research for progress

Striving for new things, for innovations, for ever better products that secure decisive competitive advantages for our customers – this is the pioneering spirit for which Berghof Fluoroplastics has been valued by its partners for more than 50 years.

For us, it’s nothing but logical. We know: Companies that become complacent in their success will quickly lose their head start. Times change – but our clear focus as technology leader remains: Together with our partners and customers, we work to continually utilize the great potential of the high-performance plastic Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) in full and to make it usable for more and more requirements. 


Infinite opportunities
Our continuous optimisation of the material PTFE leads to the development of new products for many different applications. We use virginal and modified, porous and optical PTFE for our developments in order to offer an optimally matching material solution for any challenge.



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We are even more innovative together
Prof. Georg Zundel founded the Berghof research institute in 1966, which laid the foundations for Berghof Fluoroplastics and for the successful development of all of Berghof Group with its research in fluoroplastics. Our focus is on the idea of the “Innovation Hub” – the intense exchange of knowledge and cooperation of all business units among each other, as well as close cooperation with our customers and partners.


Great production leads to great responsibility
This is the considerable amount of fluoroplastics that we turn into high-performance products every year, which in turn lead to technical and economic improvements in many industries – from the automotive area to laboratory technology, to semi-conductor and chemical process industries, to filtration or engineering. As a large plastics processor, we are always aware of our responsibility for the environment. Therefore, we take the subject of sustainability very seriously and make very sure that we use as few resources as possible in production of our products. This not only pays off in lower production costs but also reduces our effect on the environment.




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Plenty of space for innovations
With our new production site, opened in Eningen in 2017, we created a state-of-the-art production for processing of PTFE on the highest level. Ideal prerequisites in order to implement your ideas in the best manner with known or new PTFE applications. We support you on all steps to the finished product: from consulting and material selection, to research and development, to material production and integration of the products in the respective application.



Company Management

Oliver Walter manages Berghof Fluoroplastic Technology GmbH and is supported by Marco Himmelsbach, who is also CEO of the Berghof Group. Together with them, about 55 highly trained experts work to develop pioneering applications of PTFE.
As part of the Berghof Group, we profit from the experience and competence of more than 400 experts and the strength of an innovative technology company that operates around the world.


More than 50 years of Berghof Fluoroplastics also mean more than half a century full of often-pioneering innovations. We started out as a research institute with contracted research in innovative concepts based on PTFE. This laid the economic and technology foundation for today’s Berghof Fluoroplastics and for the successful development of Berghof Group into a family-owned technology company with a long-term alignment.


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