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One of the most versatile materials, connected with more than 50 years of experience with PTFE – this valuable combination results for Berghof Fluoroplastics in impressive solutions for the technical demands of our customers.

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Oliver Walter

T: +49.7121.894-164
F: +49.7121.894-330

Jonas Nicoll, Manager Sales and Marketing

Jonas Nicoll
Manager Sales and Marketing

T: +49.7121.894-181
F: +49.7121.894-330

Sebastian Berger
International Sales Manager

T: +49.7121.894-275
F: +49.7121.894-330

Ramona Manz
Assistant to the management | Team leader order processing | SAP 1st Level Support

T: +49.7121.894-163
F: +49.7121.894-330

Tanju Yaldir
Quality Management

T: +49.7121.894-161
F: +49.7121.894-330

Waltraud Janoff
Purchasing | Materials management

T: +49.7121.894-302
F: +49.7121.894-330

Stavros Draganidis, Quality Assurance

Stavros Draganidis
Quality Assurance

T: +49.7121.894-254
F: +49.7121.894-330

Ralf Hummel, Technical Manager

Ralf Hummel
Technical Manager

T: +49.7121.894-138
F: +49.7121.894-330

Dr. Michael Henes, Head of Development

Dr. Michael Henes
Head of Development

T: +49.7121.894-256
F: +49.7121.894-330

Joscha Sontheimer, Development

Joscha Sontheimer

T: +49.7121.894-325
F: +49.7121.894-330

Philemon Schick

T: +49.7121.894-245
F: +49.7121.894-330

Marc Häußler
Order processing

T: +49.7121.894-272
F: +49.7121.894-330

Marc Weindel
Purchasing | Materials management

T: +49.7121.894-301
F: +49.7121.894-330

Simone Bihler, Quality Management

Simone Bihler
QMO Berghof Group

T: +49.7121.894-109
F: +49.7121.894-100


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