Ralf Hummel, Technical Manager

Ralf Hummel
Technical Manager

telefon +49.7121.894-138

Products made from High Density PTFE

High Density PTFE

High Density PTFE (HD PTFE) stands for massive virginal and modified PTFE of unique quality and is, unlike Porous and Optical PTFE, a poreless material. Berghof Fluoroplastic Technology processes both PTFE and modified PTFE (3MTM DyneonTM TFMTM) into a variety of customer-specific and serial-produced semi-finished products and prefabricated components for many different industries. Based on samples, drawings, and blueprints, we can manufacture molded blanks as well as finished parts to your specifications. And we can do this not only with PTFE and its compounds, but with all the most common fluoroplastic materials.

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