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Sebastian Berger
International Sales Manager

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Wet Process Equipment made from High Density PTFE

Wet Process Equipment

Safe use under the harshest conditions

Depending on the task and requirements, Berghof manufacturers all products and accessories either of virginal or modified PTFE. These can be made in a series, or individually customized. Berghof relies on highest quality, reliability and longevity to meet customer needs. In addition to the more comprehensive process and industry knowledge, the prerequisites for this are open communication, transparency and project partnership on an equal footing. 


Wet-process equipment by Berghof is made of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), since only this fluoroplastic combines all the properties needed in an ideal manner. The special methods of isostatic pressing are used for seamless pressing of containers that are free of tension or distortion. The inner faces have an extremely dense and anti-adhesive surface film and do not require any subsequent mechanical processing.

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  • Chemicals resilience against nearly all chemicals, absolute resilience against acids, alkalines and solvents
  • Wide temperature range of –200 to +260 °C
  • Stable form even at high temperature fluctuations
  • Outstanding anti-adhesive properties, therefore easy to clean
  • Electrically non-conductive, or optionally conductive
  • Extremely hydrophobic
  • Shatterproof

Process Tanks

Berghof process tanks of PTFE are available in a comprehensive range of dimensions and volumes that meet comprehensive requirements. In addition to this standard program, PTFE tanks can be produced with different sizes or wall thicknesses and also with changed flange designs on the customer’s request. Any number of seamlessly integrated supply and drain ports in any placement and design can be added as well.


The wall and floor thicknesses of the rectangular and circular tanks are 10 to 12 mm by default. The flange dimensions are 20 mm wide (including tank wall) and 15 mm high. The tanks can be made either of the classical, tried-and-tested material PTFE, or of modified PTFE. 


  • Seamlessly compression-molded

  • Isostatically highly compacted

  • Maximum temperature limit at 180 °C


A wide range of accessories, such as supply and drain ports can be seamlessly integrated into the tank, supply blocks, water-jet pumps, supports, or hinged lids of PTFE are part of the offer. The product range comprises a comprehensive range of accessories to supplement the electronic control units and permit implementation of even complex process solutions. With comprehensive industry and process competence, Berghof is available to answer any questions in the planning stage.



Product range

  • Support and hinged lids

  • Wafer carriers and etching baskets

  • Heaters

  • Thermo sensors

  • Level monitors

  • Protection against running dry

  • Supply blocks

  • Water-jet pumps

  • Electronic control units

  • Housings for recirculation pumps

  • Comprehensive special accessories

  • Connectors

  • Gas introduction tubes