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Manager Sales and Marketing

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The challenges for manufacturers in the automotive industry are growing along with the ever-shorter innovation cycles and technological progress. While networking, new drive systems or autonomous driving makes vehicles more intelligent, they still need to meet high demands of quality and safety. In order to meet all of these demands, and at the same time use opportunities in the best manner, OEM, system and component manufacturers in the automotive area depend on reliable suppliers.


Comprehensive consulting and cooperation

As a technology partner with more than 50 years of experience, Berghof and its customers develop products and material solutions of the high-performance plastic PTFE. Berghof’s role goes far beyond that of strict material selection. Experts advise and inspire in optimal processing of the material as well as in the development of applications and possible uses. Our experts are, of course, reliable partners in terms of system and process quality. We have aligned our quality management according to the international standard IATF 16949:2016 and submit to, and have success in, regular certifications.

Internal pressure is the main issue

Hermetically sealed housings suffer considerable fluctuations of internal pressure due to temperature changes, or altitude differences. Condensation may form and lead to corrosion. Pressure fluctuations may also damage seals. The endangered components include headlights, housings, tank containers, drive trains, batteries, engines and sensors, along with more than 40 other vehicle parts.

Venting and protection in one

Permeaflon® venting elements by Berghof compensate for pressure differences by venting, while at the same time preventing the ingression of water, dust, dirt and even oils. The venting elements thereby ensure reliable function of parts in the long term, and essentially contribute to securing quality.

What can be vented and ventilated?

Application report: Degassing unit for high-voltage storage

Berghof has developed a venting membrane for large-volume, high-voltage batteries in electrical vehicles. This is in order to compensate for the fluctuating internal pressure; protect the batteries from entering water; and permit controlled degassing in an emergency.