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Valve Caps PermeaPlug®

Valve Caps PermeaPlug®

PermeaPlug® valve caps provide reliable protection against pressure fluctuations and water intrusion even under the highest loads. Special applications require our Permeaflon® venting membranes to guard against external influences such as high-pressure cleaners or access. Our venting elements are compact, finished units which comply with high IP protection classes and can be easily and quickly attached using the clip or by screwing it into the housing.


The core of the PermeaPlug® valve caps is our Permeaflon® pressure compensation membrane. This compensates for pressure differences between the inside and the outside environment with dependability and prevents the penetration of water, dust, dirt and even of oils. PermeaPlug® valve caps can ensure that electronic components and housings function reliably over a long life span.



  • Compact venting element with quick closure
    Easy integration in customer components – fast retrofitting also possible for existing/installed housings
  • Robust molded part
    Protects the Permeaflon® membrane from high-pressure cleaners and external access
  • Meets IP67 and IP68
    Reliable protection even under highest load
  • Low structural height