Stefan Merz
International Sales Manager

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Medical & Life Science

The term "Life Science" highlights the immense societal significance and diversity of this industry. It is dedicated to addressing the great challenges of our time – from medical research and the development of biotechnologies to environmental protection. As medical products and devices become increasingly intelligent and interconnected, they must also be safer and of the highest quality. To meet these high standards, companies in the medical field need reliable partners and innovative material solutions. Berghof Fluoroplastic Technology represents both.

Individual solutions

As a specialist in processing high-performance polymers, particularly Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), we contribute to developing innovative solutions for the life science sector. Our Permeaflon® permanent filters made from PTFE provide a reliable foundation for medical applications and meet the highest standards in terms of purity and durability. We always place special emphasis on the individual needs of our customers. Our products are available in various configurations (roll stock, cut-to-size pieces, die-cut parts, tubes, frits, diaphragms and other 3D geometries) and the technical properties of the material, such as pore size, airflow, and water entry pressure, can be tailored to your specific needs. This flexibility ensures that you receive a product from us that is perfectly suited to your requirements.

Our experienced team of engineers and professionals supports you from the initial inquiry through the entire process. They assist you by providing material samples and work with you to develop a solution that fits your application. Discover the diverse application possibilities of PTFE in the life science and medical technology fields and be convinced by our customized solutions. Contact us here to learn more about our products and services.

The production

Permeaflon® from Berghof consists of pure, porous PTFE, a material known for its outstanding properties. It is nearly resistant to all chemicals and media, which is particularly important in the medical field where cleanliness and purity are of utmost priority. Furthermore, Berghof’s porous PTFE undergoes a sintering process where it is heated to over 300°C. This process provides the material with the highest temperature and shape stability, making it unrestrictedly usable in autoclave processes. Another special feature of Permeaflon® arises from its unique manufacturing process, the isostatic compression of the raw material. This step gives our filter media, which offer both surface and depth filtration functions, their homogeneous pore structure for consistent filtration efficiency. By being surface-modified or enriched with functional additives, the functionality of Permeaflon® in terms of performance and durability can be further optimized. Thus, Berghof offers high-quality, durable and reliable products that meet today’s requirements.


  • Pure PTFE, Quality Made in Germany

  • Homogeneous pore distribution for consistent material properties

  • Breathable and simultaneously water-repellent

  • Optional hydrophilic properties and functional additives

  • Almost universally resistant to media

  • PTFE films do not require additional backing material

  • PTFE is physiologically safe and free from PFOA/PFOS

  • Filtration efficiency against bacteria and viruses tested (BFE/VFE tests acc. to ASTM F2101)

Your specialist for high-quality solutions in the field of medical and pharmaceutical packaging

In the healthcare industry, innovative packaging solutions are crucial in protecting against infection. Our sterile barrier solutions made from porous PTFE play a key role in efforts to prevent infections and protect operating and treatment areas from the entry of unwanted germs.
PTFE is often used as a filter solution in medical packaging, particularly for surgical instruments and equipment. Due to its outstanding hydrophobic properties and chemical resistance, it provides an effective sterile barrier against microorganisms and particles, maintaining the sterility of the packaging. After sterilization, they provide effective protection and ensure optimal functionality and reliability. Our commitment to quality, innovation and patient safety is reflected in every solution we provide.

Reusable sterilization filters for greater sustainability

In the packaging, transportation and storage of surgical and dental instruments, traditional container systems rely on disposable filters for steam sterilization. Reusable filters made from Permeaflon® offer a sustainable alternative. Made from medical-grade, sintered PTFE, they are temperature-resistant and serve two crucial functions in steam sterilization: they ensure continuous pressure equalization during repeated sterilization cycles and form a germ barrier for subsequent storage. Permeaflon® permanent filters are free from animal-derived additives and comply with USP Class VI requirements. Additionally, they provide greater convenience and cost savings compared to traditional disposable filters, as the need for replacement by the end customer is eliminated. Decide for improved efficiency and sustainability in sterilization with reusable filters made from medical-grade PTFE by Berghof.