Ralf Hummel, Technical Manager

Ralf Hummel
Technical Manager

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Industry Laboratory Technology

Laboratory Technology

Requirements in the chemical lab area are complex and multi-layered. Every lab sets its own focuses – sometimes, they specialize in routine analyses across a longer period, sometimes they need specific tests with parameters that change multiple times every day. Legal safety provisions must be observed, and “Big Data” have moved into everyday lab work as well – just think lab 4.0. This means that more and more data arise from sample processing to analysis, which must be processed and evaluated. At the same time, economic pressure is increasing. Investments must pay off in the long term. In order to meet these requirements, lab units must be secure, high-performance, long-lived and efficient, while meeting all aspects of analytics.


Digestion and pressure vessels made from fluoropolymers

Since 1966, Berghof has developed customized solutions and products of the high-performance plastic PTFE and modified PTFE. Berghof Fluoroplastics has comprehensive material and production knowledge that is supplemented by outstanding abilities in isostatic pressing.


Microwaves by Berghof

The microwaves of our sister company Berghof Products+Instruments with pressure vessels by Berghof Fluoroplastics offer users best safety, since the microwave lids can be electronically locked and processes are automatically regulated and, if necessary, turned off in case of spontaneously induces exothermic reactions thanks to optical pressure control. Due to the high-quality processing and long service life of our pressure vessels made of virginal or modified PTFE, the on-going operating costs are considerably reduced in microwave digestion.

The optical sensor technology for contact-free temperature measurement

The microwaves by Berghof Products+Instruments measure internal vessel pressure and temperature of the vessel and the sample contact-free in order to avoid contamination with metallic parts. The optical sensor measures the sample temperature through the PTFE vessel using infrared technology. The temperature measured is not the one of the vessels, but the one of the liquid inside them. This in-situ temperature measurement and contact-free pressure measurement are used by Berghof.


Reactors and pressure digestion systems by Berghof

As a closed pressure system, Berghof products are used in chemical research and development as high-pressure reactors as well as in analytical chemistry, where they are applied as pressure digestion systems. The complete PTFE lining makes the system particularly suitable for metal-free work with highly corrosive media under pressure and temperature. The comprehensive range of various vessel volumes permits specific configurations and an extraordinary product quality.



  • Wide temperature range of –200 to +260 °C

  • Universal chemical resistance, even against aggressive acids such as aqua regia

  • Outstanding dielectrical properties

  • Highly hydrophobic

  • Extremely anti-adhesive

  • Low refractive index of ~1,38 

  • Physiologically harmless

  • Outstanding mechanical processing features