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Cable Glands PermeaGland®

Cable Glands PermeaGland®

Cable gland and pressure equalization element in one component
Permeaflon® pressure equalization elements integrated in one cable gland constitute a critical functional component in electrical housings, unifying the mechanical role with the pressure compensation and protective function. In this way the device contributes to a reduction in process steps and thus to manufacturing costs, as well as minimizing possible risks linked to the functioning of the housing.  


PermeaGland® cable glands use the cable inlet in the housing in order to equalize the pressure. Additional boreholing for ventilation in the hermetically sealed housing is not required, thus avoiding the creation of possible weak points. At the core of the PermeaGland® cable gland is the Permeaflon® pressure compensation membrane. This equalizes pressure differences between the interior of the housing and the external environment, preventing the ingress of water, dust, dirt and even oils. PermeaGland® cable glands thus ensure the reliable functioning of electronic components and housings over a long lifetime.


  • Boreholing and venting element in one component
    No additional venting element required
  • Provides pressure compensation using existing cable inlet
    No additional boreholing in housing required
  • Compliant with IP67 and IP68
    Reliable protection even under extreme loads