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Optopolymer® Grayscales from Berghof Fluoroplastics: Even more homogeneous surface, even more uniform structure

July 27, 2021

Nothing is so good that it cannot be improved. That's why the developers at Berghof Fluoroplastics are always at the cutting edge of what's happening in plastics technology, so that they can immediately put new possibilities through their paces in our development lab and on our test benches. A current example: Thanks to a new formulation and further optimization in the manufacturing process of the compound used, we have significantly improved the surface homogeneity of our Optopolymer® PTFE for grayscales.


Ideal reference measurement

The new reflectance standards and reflectance targets from Berghof Fluoroplastics, used in optical metrology as ideal reference measurement surfaces for calibration and available in many shades of gray (standard 70, 50, 20, 5, 2 %R), are now characterized by an even more uniform gray tone. The location-dependent variance of the reflectance of different measuring points has been further reduced. In addition, the isostatic molding process guarantees homogeneous compression and thus contributes to the grade and quality of the almost Lambertian diffuse reflective materials.
Speaking of guarantee: You want to see it in black and white? We would be happy to carry out reflectance measurements of your reflectance standards and reflectance targets for you with our LAMBDA 1050+ UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometer in our in-house test laboratory and provide you with a measurement report for specific quality statements on request.